Making a Splash: LIFEWTR

Making a Splash: LIFEWTR

Designing a new hydration proposition

In 2017, LIFEWTR launched with the intention to disrupt one of the fastest growing liquid refreshment beverage sub-segments—premium water. In order to succeed in this current market, brands need to be purpose driven and engage consumers in a meaningful way. LIFEWTR was founded with the purpose to support and advance emerging artists, and driven by design that provides a premium experience by fusing creativity and purpose to serve as a source of inspiration and hydration.

“Design played a key role in imagining and conceiving a new business model in which a brand would become a patron for the global creative community,” said Jenny Tran, Design Director, PepsiCo Design & Innovation. “The bottle is transformed into a canvas for artists to express themselves and the values of the brand itself, and our communication platform becomes a virtual stage to launch and promote emerging designers.”

Driving Design and Profit

The business results speak for themselves—LIFEWTR is the largest liquid refreshment beverage launch and innovation in PepsiCo history, delivering $225 million and 80% earned media in its first year. Since the launch of LIFEWTR, the brand has created a true 360-degree experience for the consumer, retailers and the internal organization. LIFEWTR has also become an authentic global partner of organizations within the art, design and fashion industries like Frieze and the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) to organically weave LIFEWTR into culturally relevant moments and give us meaningful ways to engage in conversation with audiences around the world.

More than water, LIFEWTR has proven to be a platform for emerging artists to be seen and discovered on a global scale. The artists we support provide us with creativity and inspiration, and in turn, our consumers discover, learn about and are able to support these artists. Design is at the heart of the brand, foremost on the bottle, and in how it communicates through artists and brand content, in store, and at live events.

“Since its launch, we’ve been able to see the brand evolve to reflect the needs of each market, while keeping its essential ethos intact,” shared Tran. “Consumers continue to express their love for our bottle designs and the stories behind them, whether they’re experiencing the brand in-store or via digital or live activations, like last year’s Teen Vogue Summit. There’s a deep resonance.”

Introducing Series 7: Art Through Technology

“It was very meaningful and profound to make the connection that inspiration is as essential to life as water.  Just as water is necessary for biological life to exist, so is inspiration in regard to driving creativity and innovation collectively in society,” added Tran. “We have stayed true to our purpose and continue to create immersive experiences like none other, always developing gallery-like spaces that showcase our artists and their art.”

To date, LIFEWTR bottles have featured the works of more than 20 diverse artists in the U.S. alone spanning seven series, including Public Art (Series 1), Women in Art (Series 2), Emerging Fashion Designers (Series 3), Arts in Education (Series 4), Art Beyond Borders (Series 5), Diversity in Design (Series 6) and the latest collection (Series 7), launched in late April 2019, is called Art Through Technology. With this series, LIFEWTR shines a spotlight on three artists who are expanding upon the meaning of art by harnessing next-generation tools such as coding, data visualization, 3D printing and enhanced reality.

The LIFEWTR brand's seventh series unlocks a new world of creativity and represents the latest step in delivering on the brand promise to support emerging artists and spark inspiration through the exploration of art and technology. Shoppers nationwide now have the opportunity to engage with augmented reality experiences and unlock a world of art at stores across the country. Through a QR code or by accessing, consumers will be able to bring bottle art to life and even capture immersive selfies to make images on their own, provided they have the Facebook app installed on their smartphone.

PepsiCo Design + Innovation colleagues are excited about the future of the brand.

“In the years ahead, the sky’s the limit for this brand and the role of design,” said Tran. “I can’t wait to see how we challenge ourselves to uncover more ways to meaningfully propel the careers of LIFETWR’s featured artists, while still engaging our consumers along the way.”

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